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An experimental program of BPCS-Steganography


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The members of the KIT Steganography Research Group (KIT STEGROUP) have developed an experimental program of BPCS-Steganography for Windows. Qtech Hide & View is a combination of the BPCS and a JPEG steganography program.

1) Qtech Hide & View has a menu window to select either Embedding or Extracting operation.


(Qtech Hide & View menu window)


2) The Information Embedding component of the program looks like this.


(Information Embedding component of the program)



Note: When you click the "Information Embedding" button on the menu window, an expiration warning will appear.

Press "OK" to proceed. If it is already expired, you can't use any more.



You can select a PNG, BMP, or JPG image for a vessel image. The size of the vessel must be equal to or larger than 128x128, and equal to or less than 3,200x3,200 in pixel. You may try drag & drop an image directly from some Webpage. If you can't drag , you copy it on your Desktop first, and then drag & drop to the Information Embedding program.

The embedding data must be a single file or a folder (including files and folders underneath). The embedding capacity changes image by image depending on the output file format. You can analyze the capacity before actual embedding (in the case when you select PNG or BMP for an output image).

You choose the output file format (i.e., the stego file) from among PNG, BMP, and JPG.

Access Key can be set arbitrary (but, it is inactivated for the version 01). You can also select complexity threshold value (0 - 55).


3) The Information Extracting component is as follows..


(Information Extracting component of the program)

4) You drag & drop a stego image onto the central area of this window.

5) Set the Access Key (if used when embedding) and the complexity threshold value correctly.

6) Click Extract button.

    The embedded data (files or folders) will be instantly extracted in a temporary folder.



Extracting Steps are explained more




  You can view the outline of the Embedding and Extracting steps in the following video (by Windows Media Player). Your PC needs a high speed connection to Internet.

  Watch Video





(1) You can use this experimental program (a limited version) for your academic research purposes.

If you are not a researcher, but are strongly interested in steganography, then you can also use this program for good purposes.


(2) The program is updated from time to time. And the downloaded files/folders may have some more extended names than explained here.

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